Getting getting the Best Fleece!!!

It's Spring in California and that means lambing/kidding time and Shearing the Sheep. While I don't have a flock of my own...I whole heartedly support my friends who raise the most luscious fiber. From Alpaca to Wenslydale and soft to lustrous...this is the best time of year to support your local growers. If you want to get the best pick of the fleece then attend the shearing day and lend a hand. The very best of the lot get entered in Wool Shows to compete for first place Blue & Best of Show ribbons.

It's Live! Web Design for the Tech Challenged!

I love my SpinGlitz logo/business card because it is so me! My very talented sister, Melissa Martinez, created it for me several years ago. Her artistry captured my personality and business vibe perfectly. As a former television news anchor/reporter, turned Ballroom dance instructor and Fiber Artist. I’m either spinning on a dance floor or spinning yarn on a Spinning wheel. The Curlz MT font and giving every letter of my business name a different color represents the constant state of energy and movement that is my life.

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