Shows Cancelled! Support your local Fiber Artist buy direct

The efforts to stay safe from Covid-19 has meant the cancellation of so many of our fun fiber shows. While you stay safe at home and need to de-stress please consider supporting your local fiber artists and and growers by buying directly from them. Many have websites or a Facebook page and if they don't, you can find their contact information with Google. We are still processing, dyeing, combing/carding fiber, making the Fabulous Fiber Washing Bags so you can scour your own fleece. Lots of growers are missing the opportunity to show their award winning fleeces in shows and need you to purchase directly from them. If you would like to try a Spinning Wheel please contact me...we can do this with social distancing and masks.

One of my favorite shows, the Lambtown Festival, is going to be virtual. The amazing crew is working to pull this off so you don't have to travel to Dixon this year. You will be able to take classes, shop the marketplace and see what is new in all things fiber from the comfort of your home and in your PJ's.

Stay safe nothing is more important than your life!



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